What can Arcserve UDP do?

  • Protect all your data with one simple but powerful product lowering TCO
  • Automate SLA reporting for your management
  • Ease your life without huge investments

Arcserve UDP provides you a complete block based data protection product with the following capabilities:

  • Protect physical & virtual workloads (VMWare, Hyper-V, Nutanix) and even regular computers
  • Nearly all platforms are supported (Windows, Linux, Oracle Linux) with or without agent
  • On-Premise infrastructure, Private cloud or public cloud (Amazon, Azure)
  • Full application integration such as Active Directory, Exchange, MS SQL, Oracle and many more.
  • Cloud Office 365 applications such as Exchange Online, Sharepoint Online & Onedrive for Business

With one product we protect your data and store it to:

  • Local or NAS hard drive capacity
  • Tape drive or Tape library
  • Remote datastores on or offsite
  • Cloud blobs

Our integrated deduplication only requires the minimum of data storage, and our included WAN acceleration boosts replication times enormously requiring significant less WAN bandwidth compared to other products.

Arcserve UDP is unique because it provides one simple but powerful product to manage all in one simple to use and understand console.


Standard included in Arcserve UDP is:

  • Instant VM: power up any backup without restoring it
  • Virtual Standby: restore your backup after taking it and prepare a cold standby. Failover if required
  • Direct mount of snapshots: use your data immediately without restoring
  • CxO level automated reports for SLA reporting (*requires premium license)